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About the medical arts

Living Arts Real World Programs

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Your senior Adviser cares about connecting you to  a future in the Medical Arts!

Complete Program

A complete program series including training for Certification Test if applicable. Externship when required.

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Find books, materials, uniforms (even shoes) included! Find a campus environment that's high on sucess!


Find affordable tuition. Qualify for Grants & Loans during your visit. Find job placement assistance for graduates.

Medical Assisting

The Medical Assistant is a respected member of the physician directed medical team. The Living Arts complete curriculum means the student gains patient care foundations along with administrative skills ... ready for the physicians office or clinic.

Medical Billing & Coding

Find a dual training experience for the changing environment in health care business management. The medical biller skill set connects to the expanding world of the medical coder. Build your foundation in the medical office as the essential medical biller and coder.

Prepare for the American Association Professional Coder exam

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Massage Therapy

Here is the aim-higher experience for today's massage therapy professional. Develop your potential through a combination of building skill sets and building business savvy. Find opportunity in many places in today's dynamic world.

Education built on your success plan

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Gaining the advantage for the serious student

Preparing for Advising

Plan to bring ... or complete:


- CONFIRM that you have obtained a Federal Student Aid ID number ...

available at:

- CONFIRM you (and your parent if living at home) have each obtained a Federal Student Aid ID number prior to arrival. Having the ID prior to arrival allows rapid calculation of financial aid.

- COMPLETE your FAFSA - Free Application for Student Aid. Living Arts school code for completing the FAFSA is: 031090

- COLLECT your 2018 tax return and recent W2 forms. Assistance in obtaining missing forms may be available by phoning the College Financial Assistance Office at: 919.488.8493

- ON ARRIVAL be prepared to present a valid picture ID - drivers license or passport works! We'll copy it.

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